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BigPicnic - BigNews: Co-creation


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BigPicnic is an international, multi-stakeholder project that aims to generate debate by bringing together the public, scientists, policy-makers and industry to help address the global challenge of food security.

Co-creation is one of our corner stones and so this issue is all about this novel approach and how it is being employed by BigPicnic Partners.

What is co-creation?

Co-creation is an innovative and participatory process which aims to create shared ownership of a project between institutions and community partners. Co-creation enables professionals to co-operate with and learn from others, to build a connection between groups that would not normally meet, to raise awareness and sensitivity towards important issues and to build relationships between groups and individuals that will last well beyond the scope of a project. Find out more

Updates from Partners:


Waag Society (the co-creation experts) – “All gardens involved in BigPicnic have now begun their co-creation activities. It is quite a big leap of faith to start working in a way you are not used to, so it is nice to have a group of peers who can support and advise you. This is why we are building a Community of Practice.” Read more

(photo credit: WAAG)

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Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna“From 7th to 9th April, in partnership with a school in Lower Austria, we presented the results of our first co-creation project. We have been developing activities about soil and this event gave us and the students the opportunity to showcase the results of our efforts and explain the advantages of the co-creation approach.” Read more

(Photo credit: Birgit Schlag-Edler)



Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia“On 10th April 18 BigPicnic stakeholders gathered to participate in a co-creation workshop about food security and Greek aromatic and pharmaceutical plants. We used different coloured glasses to represent concepts like ‘new ideas’ and ‘emotion’ to get people thinking creatively.” Read more

(Photo credit: BBGK)

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The Royal Botanic Garden of Madrid and Juan Carlos I Royal Botanic Gardens, Alcalá de Henares University“In March we began the process of co-creating a physical and digital game aimed at students and the general public based on the format of an ‘escape room’. This will be co-created with a group of around 20 science students aged 14-15.” Read more

(Photo credit: CSIC)


University Botanic Gardens of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”“On 30th March we held a meeting with representatives from local communities focused on food security and the more specific topic of urban agriculture. The goal of this event was to demonstrate different activities related to BigPicnic in order to receive feedback and improve our future exhibitions." Read more

(Photo credit: UBG)

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Co-creation resources

Blueprint of toolkit for co-creation and Draft partner strategies for co-creation Download

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