Our Members

BGCI has more than 600 institutional members in more than 100 countries.

The typical member is a botanic garden, seed bank or other botanical institution. BGCI members also include botanic gardens, seed banks or botanical institutions that are being established or created, with an interest in developing their activities for the purpose of plant conservation and wish to seek the benefits that BGCI membership provides.

Current BGCI members can manage their membership in Sheep, BGCI’s membership management system.

Our community, however, embraces a wider range of stakeholders, including networks of botanic gardens, associations of friends of botanic gardens and similar institutions with an interest in the work of botanic gardens in conservation. See all of our members here.

BGCI Member News

Native Plant Trust Launches Additional Online Courses

Native Plant Trust, the nation’s first plant conservation organization and the only one solely focused on New England’s native plants, announces the launch of three new online courses in plant science.
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Call for Arnoldia Submissions: Caring for Public Gardens During the Pandemic

In the summer issue of Arnoldia, the quarterly magazine of the Arnold Arboretum, it is planned to present a series of short, first-person narratives from horticulturists, arborists, and other essential staff who are maintaining public gardens through the pandemic.
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Podcast on Native Plants and Climate Change: Now Airing!

A new podcast series brought to you by the North Carolina Botanical Garden.
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