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Data sources, contributors and reviewers

A full list of the 500+ sources consulted for GlobalTreeSearch is available here.

We would like to thank in particular the following organisations for providing data contributing to GlobalTreeSearch:

And the following IUCN Species Survival Committee Specialist Groups and Red List Authorities:

  • Global Tree Specialist Group
  • Cuban Plant Specialist Group
  • New Caledonia Plant Red List Authority
  • Madagascar Plant Specialist Group
  • Brazil Plant Red List Authority
  • East African Plant Red List Authority

We would like to thank the following individuals for contributing, compiling and reviewing data for GlobalTreeSearch:

Megan Barstow, Henk Beentje, Steven Brewer, Chien-Fan Chen, Lillian Chua, Alison Copeland, Iain Darbyshire, Christopher Doherty, Neville Evans, Alfredo Fuentes, Yvette Harvey-Brown, Thomas Heller, Alison Hutchinson, Zoe Irwin, Ben Jones, David Kikodze, Esteban Martínez, Mónica Moraes R., Lydia Murphy, Sachiko Nishida, Naomi Rich, Marie-Stéphanie Samain, George Schatz, Anne-Cathrine Scheen, Ferry Slik, Harry Smith, Daniela Suarez, Philip Thomas, Lex Thomson, Jonathan Timberlake, Carmen Ulloa Ulloa, Salako K. Valère, Freddy Zenteno

Project co-ordination and management: Emily Beech, Malin Rivers, Kirsty Shaw and Paul Smith.