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We are working to create a world in which plant diversity is valued, secure and supporting all life. None of our achievements would be possible without your support. Follow the links below to find out how you and your organisation can get involved.

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Our Members

BGCI is a membership organisation open to all. Please join us and help support conservation of plant diversity worldwide.


BGCI Projects in Jordan - Current

BGCI is working in Jordan on a variety of projects to conserve and protect plant resources and diversity in this unique region.


Working Together for the World's Plants

BGCI is the world's largest network for the protection of plant diversity. Our mission is "to mobilise botanic gardens and engage partners in securing plant diversity for the well-being of people and the planet".


Partnerships with BGCI

Through a partnership with BGCI, your organisation can help create a world in which plants are valued, secure and supporting all life. Depending on your organisation's interests you can become involved in a specific project or a particular aspect of our work.



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9 July 2008
28 November 2007
Rare Jordanian Plant Prints
Bruce Pearson has produced this fine art limited edition woodcut while visiting the new Botanic Garden in Jordan. It features Black Iris (Iris petrana) and wild Tulip (Tulipa agenensis). Ten prints have been donated by the artist to raise funds for BGCI - act now to secure yours.
Botanic Garden TV - BGTV
BGTV is BGCI's YouTube channel where we showcase the work of botanic gardens, we have playlists of videos about gardens and plants, as well as conservation ideas and inspiration from composting to musical vegetables. Watch, enjoy, and send us more clips!
Flower Portraits, Supporting BGCI
Purchase limited edition framed mag photographs for decor and gifts. 10% of proceeds are donated to BGCI.
BGCI 20th Anniversary Celebrations
From its beginnings as a small secretariat in 1987, BGCI has grown to become the leading international organisation working to save the world’s imperilled flora. Join the celebrations throughout the year as we commemorate the event with a special edition of BGjournal, a series of events and more.