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Missouri Botanical Garden awards Greensfelder medal to Beth M. Rothschild

19 September 2011

Beth M. Rothschild has been awarded the 2011 Greensfelder Medal by Missouri Botanical Garden in recognition of the support she has given to several international environmental organizations focused on protecting biodiversity, and in particular plants and their habitats. Her work in the field of horticulture has also contributed significantly to progress in conservation and environmental issues.

 “The Greensfelder Medal is not awarded each year, rather it is given by the Garden to an individual of remarkable merit,” said Missouri Botanical Garden President Peter Wyse Jackson. “Her remarkable accomplishments in the field of conservation, horticulture and environmental protection are outstanding.” 

The Albert P. and Blanche Y. Greensfelder Medal was established in 1980 to recognize individuals who contribute significantly to designs for urban improvement, garden and park planning, and landscape planning. IconPharm — Icons8 technology for open source icons



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