Botanic Gardens Conservation International
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Botanic Garden Resource Pack

Institution members of BGCI receive many benefits of membership, including the Botanic Gardens Management Resource Pack. All new members get the pack when they sign up. It's full of extremely useful manuals and resources to help staff at the garden. Consisting of a range of useful materials from the Darwin Technical Manual to BG Recorder plant data logging software, it's a key set of tools for new or established gardens.

The pack includes:


Darwin Technical Manual for Botanic Gardens
A clear and concise technical handbook for the management of botanic gardens bringing together current knowledge and practice of managing a botanic garden so that informed decisions can be made by those involved with botanic gardens in all parts of the world. 

A CITES Manual for botanic gardens
The principles and practices of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) as they relate to botanic gardens.

Integrated conservation of tree species by botanic gardens
This manual focuses attention on tree conservation and is designated to guide and stimulate action to save threatened trees fro extinction. 


Now available online only and sent to members as pdfs.

Published twice a year this is BGCI's major regular publication and enables gardens to share news of developments, experiences and knowledge regularly.

Roots - Environmental Education Review
Roots is published twice a year as a service to the BGCI education network. Each edition is themed in order to focus attention on an aspect of environmental education.


The International Agenda for Botanic Gardens in Conservation
A global framework for botanic gardens in conservation to help stem the loss of plant species and their genetic diversity and the further degradation of the world's natural environment.

Global Strategy for Plant Conservation
An innovative framework for actions at global, regional, national and local levels. The landmark strategy sets 16 outcome-orientated targets, aimed at achieving a series of measurable goals by 2020. Published by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity in association with BGCI.

Education for Sustainable Development - Guidelines for action in botanic gardens
BGCI has produced these guidelines to support botanic gardens in developing and implementing ESD strategies.


Communities in Nature - Growing the social role of botanic gardens
This document provides the Executive Summary of the Evaluation Report carried out on BGCI's 'Communities in Nature' project and includes recommendations on how botanic gardens can take forward this work with their local communities.

Plants for Life - Medicinal plant conservation and botanic gardens
A report on the findings of a year-long investigation into the state of medicinal plants around the world. 

Multimedia Tools

A Microsoft Access software template designed to help gardens manage their botanical collections, and compatible with the International Transfer Format. (Free to members on request).

BGCI Web Resources
A major feature of the website is the global garden database where you can inform the world about your garden with material including photographs and events. The Plant Search database is also here, helping us work out how much plant diversity is being saved worldwide.