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Luxury shopping for plant conservation

BGCI is thrilled with the success of our partnership with Chic Outlet Shopping®. The spring campaign "Chic Goes Wild!" celebrates the beauty of flowers&supports plant conservation. Upload flower-inspired pics to Instagram using #chicgoeswild for the chance to win £500 to spend at Bicester Village! Find out more  

Over half of the world's Magnolia species are threatened with extinction

BGCI is helping to save them in their natural habitats. In China BGCI is working with our partner botanic gardens to raise awareness of the threats facing magnolias in the wild and to restore wild populations through reintroduction & restoration projects. Find out more  

Saving plants from extinction

To celebrate our spring partnership with Chic Outlet Shopping, we will be highlighting our conservation projects with partner gardens to save some of the most beautiful and endangered plants around the world. Projects will be promoted through BGCI and Chic Outlet Shopping social media channels. Read more about our work with the University of Ghent Botanic Garden to save threatened Hydrangea  

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