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BGCI Conservation Donor Membership

What is a Conservation Donor?

Plants maintain the ecosystems for all life on our planet.  Become a BGCI Conservation Donor today and join a dedicated group of committed individuals across the world who recognise the importance of plant diversity and realise that plant conservation is inseparable from human well-being. The Conservation Donor scheme will allow you to help safeguard plant diversity and the livelihoods of people who depend economically, nutritionally or medicinally on plant resources across the world.

Conservation Donors have the ability to make a difference and generously give £275.00 a year. Through this significant contribution, they work with us to conserve plant diversity for the well-being of people and the planet.

What are the Benefits?

As a Conservation Donor, your commitment will help us with our crucial work.  BGCI has low overheads as we primarily work with and through botanic gardens around the world. Our small core team has extensive experience in selecting, designing and delivering conservation and education initiatives.

You will join our network of individuals and institutions including botanic gardens, conservation organisations and research institutes across the world, and in this way you will receive news on the latest research and developments in plant conservation.

In return for your generous contribution you will receive regular updates on our work to conserve plant diversity, improve well-being and livelihoods, and raise awareness of the importance of plants as one of the earth’s greatest resources. Benefits include:

  • A bi-annual Conservation Donor newsletter*
  • BGCI serial publications including BGjournal and Roots education review*
  • Invitations to special BGCI events
  • Discounts on registration fees to BGCI congresses
  • Discounts on books, publications and CDs

We are also developing opportunities for Conservation Donors to find out more about our work, to discuss the latest developments and issues in plant conservation, and become involved in planning future plant conservation initiatives.

How Do You Join?

You can become a Conservation Donor now and help protect plant diversity today by registering using our on-line form.

You can also pay by standing order. Please click here to print the form.

We would be delighted to discuss Conservation Donors in more detail with you.  Please contact Sara Oldfield on +44 (0)20 8553 5953 or email

* To save paper and ensure sustainability we support the electronic distribution of publications and newsletters, however we recognise that this is not always feasible and are happy to provide hard copies to meet individual needs.

Our Members

BGCI is a membership organisation. At present we have over 700 members in 118 countries. You can join us in our global efforts to ensure plants are protected from the many threats facing them today, by joining BGCI.


Partnerships with BGCI

Through a partnership with BGCI, your organisation can help create a world in which plants are valued, secure and supporting all life. Depending on your organisation's interests you can become involved in a specific project or a particular aspect of our work.


Join BGCI in Protecting Plants for the Planet
BGCI is a membership organisation. We have more than 700 members, institutional and individual, in 118 countries. You too can join us in our global efforts to ensure plants are protected from the many threats facing them today and get some great benefits.
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