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Dalbergia retusa, Dalbergia granadillo and Dalbergia stevensonii

Their wood is traded as Cocobolo and primarily used to make guitars and other instruments, as well as for fine furniture, brush backs, gun grips, cutlery handles and carvings.

D.stevensonii only grows in the swamp forests of southern Belize and nearby regions of Guatemala and Mexico. The species is threatened by increasing deforestation in the region and is very much sought after as tonewood for musical instruments, specifically for orchestral marimbas and xylophones. Easier access to its habitat and declining stocks of other rosewoods may also boost trade levels.

More information can be found on the globaltrees website

The Cedrela species of Central and South America, once a common tree, have been selectively cut for at least 250 years for their timber. This timber is valued locally for its resistance to rotting and insects and internationally as a precious wood. The cedar also suffers from extensive deforestation.

Cedrela has been included on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants.