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Enhancing Environmental Education and Public Awareness

Unveiling the BGCi-funded exhibition in ChinaIncreasing Skills for Plant Conservation

BGCI is a specialist provider of tailor-made training courses for the botanic garden community. Since 2002, we have trained over 400 professionals in China and Hong kong. We aim to reach a further 500 in the next 5 years developing new courses leading to professional qualifications in applied fields including horticulture, arboriculture, botanic garden management and urban greening.

Raising Awareness of Climate Change Amidst Rapid Economic and Social Transformation

BGCI is launching a major new international campaign to raise awareness of the impact of climate change on plant diversity. With recent estimates suggesting changes in climate could threaten half of all known plant species, it is vital to demonstrate how we can help mitigate the threat. The campaign will include exhibitions and events in Chinese botanic gardens to reach the increasingly urban population. The gardens will demonstrate impact using their living plant collections and showcase their work to cultivate and conserve threatened species.

China: Conservation in a Mega-Diverse Region

BGCI collaborated on an ambitious national plan to conserve China's flora and will now work alongside China's botanic garden community to help implement the strategy.



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"Education for Sustainable Development: Guidelines for Action in Botanic Gardens"
BGCI has published Guidelines on Education for Sustainable Development. Suitable for those working in botanic gardens and other site-based education centres, it features tips and case studies from botanic gardens around the world. The Guidelines are freely available to all in PDF and printed format.