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Conserving Threatened Medicinal Plant Species

Millions of people worldwide depend upon medicinal plants for their healthcare needs. However, environmental damage is increasing the threat of plant extinction and jeopardising access to natural resources.

BGCI is working to link plant conservation with improvements in human well-being through a project for threatened medicinal species to help ensure on-going access to vital plant resources.

You can support our project and help make a difference to community health and plant conservation. Please contact us directly to find out more about this and other projects which use plant diversity to improve livelihoods and well-being.

Forthcoming Projects

Every year BGCI launches a range of new projects from local initiatives to global campaigns. Find out how you can get involved in forthcoming projects so that we can work together to create a world in which plant diversity is valued, secure and supporting all life.


Plants for Life: Medicinal Plants Under Threat

BGCI has published the findings of a year-long investigation into the state of medicinal plants around the world.