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Partnerships with BGCI

BGCI works on an international scale to safeguard tens of thousands of plant species from extinction and to raise awareness of the importance of plants as one of the earth's greatest natural resources. We place a special emphasis on the dependency of life on plant diversity, linking plant conservation with improvements in livelihoods and human well-being.

We undertake a variety of innovative projects to conserve threatened plant diversity in areas of greatest needs. Through a partnership with BGCI, your organisation can help create a world in which plants are valued, secure and supporting all life. Depending on your organisation's interests you can become involved in a specific project or a particular aspect of our work.

Project sponsorship is an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment to our environment. However it doesn't just stop there! It can help your organisation fulfill many other aspects of your corporate social responsibility, including improving livelihoods and supporting local communities.

For further information on sponsorship and partnership opportunities please contact Per Bogstad on +44 (0)20 8332 5953.

Current BGCI Supporters

BGCI would like to thank the following supporters for making our work possible.


Investing in Nature - a Partnership between HSBC and BGCI

In 2002, HSBC announced a major funding intiative to support global conservation work and selected BGCI along with the World Wide Fund for Nature and Earthwatch, to collaborate on a five-year partnership for securing biodiversity and combatting environmental problems.


Forthcoming Projects

Every year BGCI launches a range of new projects from local initiatives to global campaigns. Find out how you can get involved in forthcoming projects so that we can work together to create a world in which plant diversity is valued, secure and supporting all life.


Rare Jordanian Plant Prints
Bruce Pearson has produced this fine art limited edition woodcut while visiting the new Botanic Garden in Jordan. It features Black Iris (Iris petrana) and wild Tulip (Tulipa agenensis). Ten prints have been donated by the artist to raise funds for BGCI - act now to secure yours.
Make Money - Practice Social Responsibility
This article, from the MarketingProfs website, explains how you can actually make money by giving. Find out how CSR can help your business attract more customers, strengthen corporate culture, lower costs and make long-term gains.