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African Botanic Garden Network (ABGN)

The African Botanic Garden Network (ABGN) was established in 2002 to promote and support the work of botanical gardens and associated institutions through education, conservation and sustainable use of plants for development, poverty alleviation and halting biodiversity loss. For more information on ABGN activities contact BGCI

A Strategic Framework to guide the ABGN was developed at the first African Botanic Gardens Congress held in Durban, South Africa, can be accessed here:

For further information on the background to the establishment of the ABGN, please click here.

ABGN Bulletin

To access past editions of the ABGN Bulletin containing news and project information from African botanic gardens, see below.

Bulletin number

Date published

Bulletin Number 11 

July 2006

Bulletin Number 10

December 2005

Bulletin Number 9

November 2004

Bulletin Number 8

March 2004

Bulletin Number 7

August 2003

Bulletin Number 6

November 2002

Bulletin Number 5

July 2002

Bulletin Number 4

March 2002

Bulletin Number 3

June 2001

Bulletin Number 2

January 2001

Bulletin Number 1

October 2000