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International Sentinel Plant Network

BGCI is working with several partners to develop an International Plant Sentinel Network (IPSN), where living plant collections at botanic gardens around the world are connected and capable of serving as early warning systems to help predict and prevent the incursion of new pests (insects, pathogens, or plants).    

THANK YOU TO THE NEARLY 300 BOTANIC GARDEN STAFF AROUND THE WORLD THAT TOOK OUR SURVEY in 2011.  Your collections and expertise are important and we are thrilled that you made them count by taking the survey. 

The survey asked questions about pest and pathogen identification expertise and policies at botanical institutions with living plant collections, and was available electronically through March 31, 2011.  Survey results are now summarized in a recent article published in BGCI's BGjournal (click here for the article). 

Additional Resources:

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