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Database Enhancements

With recent additions such as the GardenSearch Advanced Search successfully completed, we are excited that there are additional database enhancements planned for 2012-2013.

Thanks to the United States Botanic Garden and the U.S. Farm Bill for supporting these efforts to increase engagement and utility of BGCI's PlantSearch and GardenSearch databases. Our goals are to:

-engage advisory groups on various aspects of BGCI's databases

-improve integrity of plant names in PlantSearch

-enhance the PlantSearch Upload process and make it accessible in additional languages

-add dynamic links to conservation data in PlantSearch

-allow login and specific querying capabilities of PlantSearch data

-identify PlantSearch taxa which cannot be seed-banked

-increase repeated data contributions and awareness of data services offered

-identify key geographic and taxonomic gaps in data held in BGCI's databases

These updates will support the ex situ conservation efforts at botanic gardens and the development of an international sentinel plant network.

We look forward to these exciting improvements! Please contact us to learn more, get involved, or provide feedback.