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2010 North American Collections Assessment

Conserving North America's Threatened Plants:
Progress report on Target 8 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

The 2010 North American Collections Assessment (NACA) was a joint project of BGCI U.S., the United States Botanic Garden, and the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, with additional funding provided by the Wallace Genetic Foundation. Through this Assessment, we generated a consolidated list of threatened plants in North America and compared it with North American collections information maintained in BGCI’s PlantSearch database. These results are a critical step in helping the botanical community prioritize the development of ex situ conservation collections for threatened taxa not yet in genetically diverse and representative collections, and directly supports Target 8 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.

 Many thanks to the hundreds of data contributors and collaborators that helped make this project a success!

Download the report and supplemental information

Full Report (4MB)

Executive Summary

Appendix 1: Participating institutions

Appendix 2: Case studies
(FULL TEXT available here only)

Appendix 3: Status of North America's most threatened plants

Recommended citation:

Kramer, A., A. Hird, K. Shaw, M. Dosmann, and R. Mims. 2011. Conserving North America’s Threatened Plants: Progress towards Target 8 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. Botanic Gardens Conservation International U.S.

See also:  What is the Conservation Value of Botanic Garden Plant Collections? A. Kramer and A. Hird 2011

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