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Planet Plant Classroom Module

Classroom photo

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Thanks for your interest in serving as a pilot site for BGCI's "Planet Plant" classroom curriculum module for middle school students. The links below provide all of the printed materials and instructions you need for executing the curriculum module, and for providing feedback to BGCI based on your experience. Please remember, this is a pilot project! This means that we need your feedback to improve the module in advance of national distribution. It also means that the materials you will download are not in their final formats. They will go through an extensive design process to improve the attractiveness and utility of all the documents, including the readings and worksheets for your students. You will need to download all of the PDF documents below in order to execute the module.

If you download the curriculum documents, you are agreeing to serve as a pilot classroom for this project. Please email Andrea Kramer to inform her of your participation and to let her know your timeline for completion of the pilot. You may also email her with other questions you may have.

Thank you for your participation in this exciting project, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

For the complete curriculum package, download all of the following documents:

Curriculum Module Introduction (PDF, 93KB)

Lesson 1: Welcome to Planet Plant! (PDF, 37KB)

Lesson 2: How We Depend on Plants--Plant Medicines (PDF, 3.3MB)

Lesson 3: Flower Dissection Lab (PDF, 673KB)

Lesson 4: Amazing Pollinators! (PDF, 2MB)

Lesson 5: Seeds, Fruits and Their Dispersers (PDF, 1.6MB)

Lesson 6: Endangered Plants (PDF, 40KB)

Lesson 7: The Importance of Plant Conservation (PDF, 55KB)

Additional Resources (PDF, 77KB)

Plant Conservation Module Test (PDF, 40KB)

Teacher Evaluation Forms (Word doc, 40KB)