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SEABG Statement

The first meeting of the South East Asia Botanic Gardens (SEABG) was held from 30th to 31st January, 2004, organised by the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) and supported by HSBC through the Investing in Nature partnership. The meeting was attended by representatives from botanic gardens from South East Asia.

The participants:

Pointed out that botanic gardens in South East Asia need to be recognised, supported and enhanced at all levels and regions of South East Asia to ensure that they achieve their potential as one of the guardians of the plant diversity and environmental heritage of South East Asia.

Welcomed the establishment of a regional Network of Botanic Gardens in South East Asia called the “South East Asia Botanic Gardens (SEABG)”

Noted that the Network could be in the future broadly based to include a wide range of governmental, university, municipal, community/village, NGO, private and other relevant institutions and organisations.

Agreed that the work of the Network should encompass all aspects of the activities of botanic gardens including, inter alia, public education and recreation, research, identification, documentation, giving special attention to conservation of indigenous plant diversity and dissemination of knowledge (including traditional knowledge) about plant diversity in South East Asia.

Supported the goals of the GSPC (Global Strategy for Plant Conservation) and the International Agenda for Botanic Gardens in Conservation.

Proposed that the Network will develop the means to ensure that data and information should be widely accessible in electronic and other published forms (website, newsletters, technical manuals and other publications) while at the same time safeguarding the intellectual property rights of data providers.

Committed themselves to work to develop, elaborate and support this important new network for botanic gardens in South East Asia.

Congratulated the conference hosts, Singapore Botanic Gardens, on their organisation and fine hospitality for the 1st SEABG meeting.

Thanked HSBC for its support for the Investing in Nature programme and welcomed the initiative of BGCI in supporting South East Asian botanic garden activities.

31st January 2004, Singapore