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Welcome to BGCI Russia

Promoting and supporting the work of botanic gardens in Russia

The Russian Department of the International Council of Botanical Gardens for Plant Conservation (now BGCI) was formed in April 1994. It is based in Moscow at the main botanical garden under the auspices of N.V. Tsitsina of the Russian Academy of Sciences. BGCI Russia seeks to support wide participation of the associations of the botanical gardens of the countries of the CIS and other states of Eurasian region in BGCI activities.

BGCI Russia is a public organization and is run independently from the BGCI UK Office.

You can contact Igor Smirnov by email with your news, jobs, or events for botanic gardens in Russia, or for information on BGCI activities, resources and membership.

Botanic Gardens: Using Biodiversity to Improve Human Well-being

A report has been launched by BGCI on the role of botanic gardens in using plant diversity to improve human well-being. It features case studies from botanic gardens around the world and is available to all in PDF format.


Gran Canaria Declaration on Climate Change and Plant Conservation

In issuing its ‘Gran Canaria Declaration on Climate Change and Plant Conservation’ the Gran Canaria Group, whose membership includes many botanic gardens around the world, calls on the international community to take urgent action to protect global plant diversity.



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US-Russia Botanical Exchange Programme
Set up in 1972, when the US and Russia were locked in a hostile and escalating arms race, this program brought botanists together. Ever since, it has been facilitating the co-operation of US and Russian botanists through joint expeditions, conferences, seed exchange and plant conservation projects.

Открытое Дистанционное Образование
Six environmental information modules are now available on-line for the perusal of Central Asian journalists and journalism trainers, supported by UNESCO’s International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC).

Botanic Garden TV - BGTV
BGTV is BGCI's YouTube channel where we showcase the work of botanic gardens, we have playlists of videos about gardens and plants, as well as conservation ideas and inspiration from composting to musical vegetables. Watch, enjoy, and send us more clips!
3rd Global Botanic Gardens Congress
The 3rd Global Botanic Gardens Congress has drawn to a successful conclusion. Attracting nearly 1,000 participants from 67 countries, the proceedings are now online, along with blog updates, pictures and useful links for you to continue benefiting from the event.