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Starting a Botanic Garden

The most useful thing you might do if you are considering starting a botanic garden is to contact BGCI. We have all the neccessary resources needed to help you get started and our staff have a lot of experience relevant to the creation of new gardens. We have been involved in the planning in large numbers of new botanic gardens over the last 20 years including being consultants for the new Botanic Garden of Oman.

The other very important thing to do when starting a garden is to sign up to all the relevant conservation treaties and organisations such as the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. This will give your garden a solid basis of support and mean it is regarded in a much higher esteem.

Planning provides the foundation for botanic gardens management and future success. Strategic plans, institutional policies and business plans ensure that the garden has a clear vision, mission and realistic targets. As part of this process, priorities need to be defined, resources identified and weaknesses addressed so as to assist in achieving the garden’s mission.

A mission statement is one of the key things to develop for a new botanic garden. It is a short statement of what you intend the main basis of your garden to be, from a purely scientific research garden, a conservation resource or mainly a pleasant space for visitors. This mission statement will be behind everything you do and underpins the development of your garden. Help on writing a mission statement can be found here.

10 steps to successful sponsorship for botanic gardens is a good resource, outlining key considerations for seeking sponsorship.

Case Studies

The development of feasibility studies for the creation of new botanic gardens

Plant Collections Policy (PDF 1MB)

Conservation Principles at the North Carolina Botanic Garden (Word doc 36kb)

Sample Feasibility Study (Word doc 54kb)

Logo Design: An example from a botanic garden