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BGjournal is the worldwide journal of botanic garden conservation. It covers a range of detailed content including in-depth features, congress reports, profiles of gardens and case studies of conservation work being carried out in gardens around the world.



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Explanatory Guide to the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
This Guide is the sixth in a series on the implementation of particular international instruments and concepts. Its objective is to promote greater understanding of the Treaty's text and possible implications – to explain the text and some of the scientific, technical and legal issues around it.

The Darwin Technical Manual
Everything you could want to know about starting and running a botanic garden is contained in this unique resource. Written in collaboration with 87 people from 22 countries, it is available in French, Spanish and English. New BGCI Members are given the Manual along with lots of other key resources.
Janet Marinelli's "Plant"
Read about this amazing book on plants and the many uses to which humanity has put them. Anything you buy benefits BGCI when you shop at Amazon.