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Promoting a Botanic Garden

Promoting a botanic garden can mean much more than simply attracting more visitors. You can promote to a wide variety of audiences, such as local or national government, other gardens, scientists, jobseekers, local NGO's, businesses and much more.

It is worth thinking about all the different people that could help strengthen your garden and how they might be interested in what you are doing, or what you could offer them. You also need to decide what you want from them!

A few suggestions are here to get you started - but you can do your own 'brainstorm' to work out who you want to promote your activities to. It's good to get a range of people involved in this process - for example, shop staff may have an insight into the things that people are most interested in buying, and gardeners might overhear all sorts of interesting comments while working in the garden.


GroupWhat you can offer themWhat they could offer you
Government Agencies

Publicity for "good works"

Location for events

Meet environmental and education targets/goals

Grants, materials, training




Venue for corporate events

Volunteer programs

"Feel good factor"

Advertising opportunities

Financial support


Promotion eg through internal newsletters


Catalogued plant collections

Lab resources


Field contacts

Research investment

Weight of scientific institution

Conservation and horticultural insights

Generate income by developing new products/ideas


Outdoor classrooms

Safe interactive environment to learn about nature

Knowledge and information to support teaching

New audiences for education programmes

Run courses in your garden


NGOs, charities and voluntary organisations

Collaborations eg for horticultural therapy

Venue for events

Moral support and advice

Moral support and advice

Promotion and drawing in new audiences

Other Botanic Gardens

Plant material

Knowledge exchange


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