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Understanding and documenting plant diversity

Adelaja, Babasola, National Horticultural Research Institute, Nigeria
Survey, collection, propagation and conservation of indigenous spice germplasm in Nigeria

Chen, Chien Wen, Taiwan Forestry Research Institute,
Application of wireless sensor network for real time monitoring and sensing of biological and environmental data in Taipei Botanical Garden


Chen, Yinghui, Nanjing Botanical Garden Mem. Sun Yat-Sen, China
Management system of living collections information and planting maps for Nanjing Botanical Garden Mem. Sun Yat-Sen

Clubbe, Colin, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK
Growing expertise

Fleury, Marie, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France
Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and sustainable development in French Guyana: an example of an application of research in ethnobiology


Jiao, Genlin, Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, China
Photosynthetic characterization of Manglietia stella and Liriodendron chinense x tulipifera (Magnoliaceae)

Li, Qiaoming, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, China
Discussion on correlations between population genetic diversity of Bombax malabaricum and its adaptability to dry-hot valleys in Yunnan

Persoon, J.G.M. , University Botanical Gardens, The Netherlands
Atlantis-BG a standard for comprehensive, web-based collection management


Sharrock , Suzanne, BGCI, UK
BGCI and red listing

Van Sinh, Nguyen, Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources VAST, Vietnam
PlantsVN – a tool for creating and managing plant database of Vietnam’s Flora


Xu, Xan-Qin, Wuhan Botanical Garden, China
Microsatellite diversity and population structure associated with geographical factors in Epimedium koreanum populations in China


Ye, Qi-Gang, Wuhan Botanical Garden, China
Potential risk of hybridization in ex situ collections of two endangered species of Sinojackia Hu (Styracaceae)

Yin, Linke, Turpan Eremophytes Botanic Garden, China
Spatial distribution pattern and interspecific association of Populous euphratica and Tamarix ramosissima seedlings populations in a desert inland riparian habitat


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Conserving plant diversity

Accogli, Rita, University of SALENTO - Botanical Garden, Italy
Ex situ and in situ conservation strategies for spontaneous plant species in Puglia (Italy)
Cassina, Giancarlo, Botanical Garden of Padua, Italy
Conservation of an historical Ginko biloba L. at the Botanical Garden of Padua (Italy)
Chen, Shun Ying, Taiwan Forestry Research Institute,
Studies of seed dormancy and germination for conserving an endemic and vulnerable species Prunus Taiwaniana in Taiwan

Chen, Yanrui, Turpan Eremophyte Botanic Garden, China
Species diversity and ecological niche characteristics analysis of artificial vegetation in the peripheral regions of an oasis

Diop, Papa Alassane, Jardin Botanique des Parcs Forestier et Zoologique de Hann, Senegal
Parc Forestier et Zoologique de Hann et ecotourisme
Driesch, von den, Marliese, Germany
Ex situ conservation of native species - contribution of German botanic gardens to the GSPC Target 8
Esparza Alcalde, Federico, ISIMA de la Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango, Mexico
Isima-Ujed Botanical Garden
Farzaliyev, Vahid, Central Botanical Garden, Azerbaijan
Conservation of Talish flora and its display at the Azerbaijan Central Botanical Garden

Gómez-Campo, César, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
The UPM seed bank (Madrid) forty years later

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Hawkins, Belinda, BGCI, UK
BGCI and medicinal plants
Hird , Abby, : Longwood Graduate Fellow : University of Delaware , USA
International botanical collaboration

Hotka, Peter, Arboretum Mlynany SAS, Slovak Republic
The collection of Magnolia species in Arboretum Mlynany SAS - introduction and conservation

Hotka, Peter, Arboretum Mlynany SAS, Slovakia
General knowledge of Chinese woody plants introduction in Arboretum Mlynany
Ippolito, Fabio, University of Lecce, Italy
Biodiversity conservation: collection and propagation of local cultivars and wild-type ancestors of edible plants
Ippolito, Fabio, University of SALENTO - Botanical Garden, Italy
A Botanical Guide for the protection and conservation of east mediterranenan plants

Jiao, Genlin, Shenzen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, China
Conservational significance of Magnolia living collections in Shenzen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden

Jiao, Genlin, Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, China
Flowering age and failure of seed production of Magnoliaceae species grown in the living collections of Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden
Jones , Paul Douglas, Sarah P. Duke Gardens , USA
Protecting global biodiversity at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens
Juhásová, Gabriela, Institute of Forest Ecology SAS Zvolen, Slovakia
Environment -friendly control measure methods (biological contol of Chestnut Blight)


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Kiehn, Michael, University of Vienna Botanic Garden, Austria
The Austrian Botanic Gardens Working Group
Kim, Yong-Shik, Yeungnam University, Korea
Introduction to the East Asia Botanic Gardens Network (EABGN)
Kreshchenok, Irina, Amur Branch of Botanical Garden-Institute, Russia
Genome conservation for rare and ornamental species of Russian Far East Ferns by cryopreservation
Lane, Annette, Bioversity International, Italy
In situ conservation of crop wild relatives
Leyman, Viviane, National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Belgium
Integrated pest management: control, or out of control?

Li, Xiaodong, Wuhan Botanical Garden, China
Conservation strategy and classification of the Triaenophora and Rehmannia

Li, Xiaoya, Fauna & Flora International China Programme, China
Fauna & Flora International China Programme

Lin, Tse-Tung, Taiwan Forestry Research Institute,
Management at Fushan Botanical Garden

Membrives, Núria, Marimurtra Botanical Garden, Spain
Marimurtra BG, in existence for more than 80 years

Morgan, lois, Nature Preservation Foundation, Jamaica
Hope Botanic Gardens - contributing to Jamaican plant diversity


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Ogundipe, Oluwatoyin, Department of Botany and Microbiology, University of Lagos, Nigeria
Conserving medicinal botanic gardens through participation: case study of Idena, Lagos, Nigeria

Okajima, Tokutake, Higashiyama Botanical Gardens, Japan
Japanese Botanical Gardens and Their Activities

Pan, Fuh-jiunn, Taiwan Forestry Research Institute,
Conservation program of rare and endangered plants in Heng Chun Tropical Botanical Garden (HCTBG)
Patton, Ita, National Botanic Gardens of Ireland, Ireland
National Botanic Gardens of Ireland, Glasnevin Links with China throughout the years
Rashid, Abdur , University of Peshawar, Pakistan
University of Peshawar Initiative for ex-situ Conservation

Rego, Juliana, Jardim Botânico da Fundacão Zoo-Botânica de Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Living collections and conservation

Sánchez, M. I., Instituto de Recursos Biológicos, CIR-CNIA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Conserving genetic resources in Argentina: The INTA Germplasm Bank Network

Sánchez-Martínez, Emiliano, Jardín Botánico Regional de Cadereyta, México
Plant Tissue Culture: a valuable technique for the conservation of endangered Mexican cactus species

Semkina , Lidia, Botanical Garden of Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Conservation and usage of living collections in the conditions of the Middle Urals

Sharrock, Suzanne, BGCI, UK
BGCI and climate change


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 Tan, Bian, BGCI, Singapore
Introduction to South East Asia Botanic Gardens (SEABG)

Thormann, Imke, Bioversity International, Italy
Crop Wild Relatives Global Portal

Tombolato, Antonio Fernando, Instituto Agronômico, Brazil
Crioconservation of Petunia hybridis and Dychia tuberosa seeds

Trofimova , Irina, Main Botanical Garden RAS , Russia
Global biodiversity of aquatic medicinal plants

Vacek, Oldrich, Prague Botanic Garden, Czech Republic
Prague Botanical Gardens (PBG): history and current development

Vincent, Patricia, Andean Project, Chile
The Andean Project

Vorobyeva, Anna, Amur Branch of Botanical Carden-Institute of FEB RAS, Russia
Asteraceae in botanical gardens of Asian Russia
Wyse Jackson, Diane, BGCI, UK
PlantSearch database

Wyse Jackson, Diane, BGCI, UK
GardenSearch database

Wyse Jackson, Peter, National Botanic Gardens of Ireland, Ireland
The Global Partnership for Plant Conservation

Wyse Jackson, Peter, National Botanic Gardens of Ireland, Ireland
Kilmacurragh Arboretum: developing a satellite garden for the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland

Yu, Yu Hua, South China Botanic Gardens, China
Studies on the relation between current global botanic gardens and plant diversity conservation
Zimian, Ding, Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, China
Botanical Garden of the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development


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Using plant diversity sustainably

Al-Khalifah, Nasser, Natural Resources and Research Institute King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
A morpho-genetic approach to characterize genetic diversity in date palms (Phoenix dactylifera L.)
Arcus, Mariana, Faculty of Dental Medicine and Pharmacy, Ovidius University, Romania
Contribution to the knowledge of the active principles in the Brown Seaweeds of Cystoseira barbata (Phaeophyceae)

Bei, Gui, Wuhan Botanical Garden, China
Comparative functional analysis of ovate gene in the Solanaceous species


Chantsalnyam, Dovdon, Institute of Botany, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Mongolia
Introduction of fruit-berry plants to the botanical garden
Chen, Jianjun, Wuhan Botanical Garden, China
Characterisation of transposable elements and other repeat sequences in the genome of Epimedium L. using FISH

Deng, Xiuxin, Huazhong Agricultural University, China
Chestnut Rose (Rosa roxburghii Tratt): a Promising Genetic Resources for Fruit and Ornament Exploitation in China

Dong, Jing-zhou, Yangtze Normal University, China
Protection and sustainable development on medicinal plant resources of Tsinghai-Tibet Plateau
Fernandez , Jose-Antonio , University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain), Spain
Genetic resources of Saffron and allies (Crocus Spp)

Gavat, Corina, Fruit Research Station Constanta/*Ovidius University, Faculty of Biology, Romania
Studies regarding the biodiversity of ornamental plants in South Eastern Romania

He, Xin-hua, Guangxi Crop Genetic Improvement and Biotechnology Lab, China
Analysis of genetic relationships and diversity among mango cultivars and the relative species based on ISSR markers of nuclear DNA and chloroplast DNA

Jirovetz, Leopold, University of Vienna, Austria
Chemical composition, antimicrobial activities and odor description of some essential oils with characteristic floral-rosy scent and of their principal aroma compounds

Kintu Nkwanga, David, Nature Palace Botanical Garden, Nature Palace Foundation., Uganda
Botanic gardens and community joint efforts: working together towards more sustainable production


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Krestova, Irina , Botanical Garden-Institute , Russia
Daylilies in the Russian Far East Flora as a source of new cultivars
Maloupa, Eleni, National Agricultural Research Foundation, Greece
Development of ecotouristic activities in the Balkan Botanic Gardens of Kroussia and surrounding areas
Pace, Loretta, Giardino Alpino Campo Imperatore L'Aquila, Italy
Alpine Botanical Garden of Campo Imperatore (Gran Sasso, Italy): conservation and sustainable use of Artemisia petrosa subsp. eriantha

Polyakova, Tatiana, 18 Relochny line Blagoveschensk 675000, Russia
Introduction of kinds of genus Spiraea L. in the Amur area (Russia)

Rosca, Adrian Cosmin, Ovidius University, Constanta, Romania
Contributions to the knowledge of the endemic species in Southern Dobrudja and the possibilities of their being turned into account for decorative purposes
Rustaiyan, Abdolhossein, I.A.University, Tehran, Iran
Terpenoids from Iranian Artemisia species

Sánchez-Martínez, Emiliano, Jardín Botánico Regional de Cadereyta, México
Conservation of cacti with the participation of local communities

Sirbu, Rodica, Faculty of Dental Medicine and Pharmacy, Ovidius University, Romania
Valorification of the therapeutic potential of green seaweeds from the aquatic basins of the Romanian seaside

Siuruainen, Mirja, Botanical Gardens, Finland
LABPLANT: Hardy Plants for Northern landscaping

Yin, Linke, Turpan Eremophyte Botanic Garden, China
Extraction, separation and measurement of the thermal hysteresis activity of antifreeze proteins from Ammopiptanthus nanus
Zeng, Shao hua, Wuhan Botanical Garden, China
Mining genes related to the secondary metabolism in Lycium in traditional Chinese medicine

Zhang, Hua-Feng, Wuhan Botanical Garden, China
Taxonomy and sustainable utilization of Epimedium L.


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Promoting education and awareness about plant diversity

Chiou, Wen-Liang, Taiwan Forestry Research Institute,
The educational program of Taiwan Botanical Gardens (TPBG)
Faggi, Ana, Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales, Argentina
Learning environmental issues at the botanic garden
Griffiths, Alistair, The Eden Project, UK,
What is the Eden Project?

Hiltunen, Ritva, Botanical Gardens, University of Oulu, Finland
Garden in the North - A very educational experience

Hotka, Peter, Arboretum Mlynany SAS, Slovak Republic
Arboretum Mlynany SAS - Its role in education and awareness
Rego, Juliana, Jardim Botânico da Fundacão Zoo-Botânica de Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Atlantic Forest: research and environmental education

Willison, Julia, BGCI, UK
What is missing from this picture?


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