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Lottery boosts Dutch botanic gardens

25 February 2013

At the Postcode Lottery beneficiary gala (‘Goed Geld Gala’) of February 12, it was announced that the Dutch Botanic Gardens Association (NVBT) will receive a single contribution for the 5 years agenda “Planting the future”. In cooperation with Waag Society, the gardens will link up their plant collections and share this information with the public in an innovative way.

Together, the Dutch botanic gardens manage a magnificent and valuable living plant collection of 43.000 specimens. Supported by the Postcode Lottery grant, the 21 NVBT-members, ranging from age old university gardens to locally rooted arboreta, can consolidate their role as institutions where plant biodiversity is studied and celebrated. They will build upon an existing cooperation and involve the public in a timely and dynamic way.

Backed by the creative experience of Waag Society, the gardens will look for new ways to disclose information using innovative methods in new media and citizen science. Future visitors to the gardens will not only enjoy the charming garden atmosphere, they will also learn about how plants and biodiversity account for a sustainable world. The gardens will build a bridge between their historical riches and a sustainable future for all of us.

The financial boost of the Postcode Lottery is an acknowledgement of the core business in botanic gardens: scientific management of living collections, exhibition of plants and translating their stories to the visiting public. It is a good match to the increasing public interest in experiencing nature and living sustainably. A great incentive for all those who support botanic gardens and their mission.

Congratulations from all at BGCI!



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The Dutch Botanical Gardens Association (NVBT) was founded in 1998. All members of the NVBT aim at contributing to the conservation of botanical diversity.

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