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Almost extinct palm blooms, after 29 years

6 June 2011

A very rare palm, Pritchardiopsis jeanneneyi, which has been growing in the glasshouses of Nancy Botanical garden for 29 years, is now in bloom.

The flower of Pritchardiopsis jeanneneyi 

Foliage of Pritchardiopsis jeanneneyi

Above: The flower and the foliage of Pritchardiopsis jeanneneyi

Pritchardiopsis jeanneneyi is endemic from New Caledonia, a subregion of Melanesia in the the southwest Pacific. There is only one mature specimen in the wild. Very rare specimens are cultivated in botanical gardens. It’s the only specimen in France.

It was thought to be extinct species, until 1980, when a pig hunter found a palm in the wild.  On the Red List of Threatened Species, it’s in the Critically Endangered category. Nancy botanical garden hopes to collect seeds from this plant, in order to give some to others botanical gardens.

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