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Last chance for your collections to be included in our GSPC Target 8 report for presentation at CoP 10!

30 July 2010

BGCI is preparing a report on progress towards GSPC Target 8: '60% of threatened plants in ex situ collections and 10% of them in recovery programmes'.  The report will be presented at the CBD CoP 10 in Nagoya, Japan in October 2010.

In order for your plant collections to be invoved in this assessment - and to allow us to present as accurate picture as possible of the role and importance of botanic gardens - please ensure your garden plant data is uploaded by 15th August 2010.

This is easy to do!   Just follow the plant upload instruction.

BGCI encourages all managers of living plant and seed collections to upload their plant lists to the PlantSearch database to help assess the conservation value of living collections and to connect collections within the global botanical community.

enjoying the garden plant labels seeds

The North American Collections Assessment


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