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Oman Botanic Garden seeking international expertise

4 June 2010
The Oman Botanic Garden is currently advertising five new positions, with two of them to join the senior management team.  The positions are to provide expertise and staff training in Horticulture, Operations Management, Landscaping, Taxonomy and Vegetation Ecology.
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For horticulture, experience is required to organise and further develop the nursery production and the habitat and amenity areas within the garden and well as manage, train and expand the horticultural team. Landscape experience is being sought to supervise construction and to maintain the amenity, habitat and landscape areas within the Oman Botanic Garden.

Within the Botanical Research section of the garden a taxonomist is being sought to undertake field surveys, carry out rare and priority flora searches, measure and record environmental characteristics and analyse quantitative data recorded during the habitat planting.  In collaboration with the taxonomist, a vegetation ecologist is needed to collect plant propagation material as well as assist in habitat planting and carry out the mapping of all plantings.

To ensure that the Oman Botanic Garden maintain a reputation as a world class public attraction an Operations Manager is being sought to develop, organise and carry out the full range of appropriate operation practices and techniques that are required.

A most important aspect of all of these new positions is that they will be responsible for the ongoing development of the Omani staffing of the botanic garden.

With the creation of these new positions, the Oman Botanic Garden is offering a very rare opportunity to members of the international botanic gardens community. It is a chance to not only share their experience but to also develop their own knowledge and skills in a unique environment.
Oman natural vegetation
heritage village uncer construction 
 Natural vegetation, Oman
 Heritage Village under construction

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