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New York Botanical Garden Funds Project to 'Get Kids Out in Nature’

3 June 2007

A $1.5 million “Kids in the Woods” environmental education programme aims to see children from across the United States reconnecting with nature this summer, by abandoning their ipods and  PlayStations in favour of nature trails and birdwatching.

Supported by the New York Botanical  Garden, this project is designed to tackle the increasing detachment of US children from the natural environment. This ‘lack of direct experience’ of nature has been linked by experts to the growing problems of attention deficit disorder, childhood obesity and even type two diabetes.

More than 23,000 children are expected to benefit from this program which is supported by a host of private groups, as well as state, federal and local agencies. Across 24 projects in 15 states, the program will run outings, workshops and ‘sleep-overs’ in national parks, botanic gardens and state forests.

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