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BGCI Seeks to Assist Tsunami-Affected Gardens

7 January 2005
Tsunami Damage

BGCI joins the international community in expressing its sympathy and concern for the victims of last month's catastrophic earthquake and tsunami.

While BGCI's projects, staff and key partners appear to have been mercifully spared the brunt of the disaster, there are certainly botanic gardens in the affected areas for which we do not presently do not have up-to-date information. We are sure that many botanic garden staff in the affected countries are presently involved in the clear-up operation. No doubt in the coming weeks and months, botanic gardens will also be called upon to work with local communities in the re-building and re-planting of coastal areas.If your garden is involved in the Tsunami rehabilitation work, and you require assistance for this work, please contact us for information about support available (


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