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Publication Year: 
Jul 2013: Paignton Zoo Environmental Parks vertical farming project: a novel approach to conservation education through an intensive agricultural exhibit by Kevin Frediani
Jul 2013: Food garden networks and the role of botanic gardens in addressing biodiversity & human wellbeing by Martin Clement, Jody Fuchs & Jabulani Memela
Jul 2013: Community-based rangeland rehabilitation: addressing food security and biodiversity rehabilitation at the Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan by Mustafa Al Shudiefat, Habiba Barbara Dingwall, Khalid Al Khalidi
Jul 2013: The role of Kisantu Botanical Garden in biodiversity conservation: a first effort to sustainably manage useful plants of Bas Congo by
Jul 2013: Botanic gardens and food security – the results of BGCI’s survey by Suzanne Sharrock
Jan 2013: BGCI-Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden travel scholarship programme by Joachim Gratzfeld and Xiangying Wen
Jan 2013: Capacity building needs and opportunities for Russian botanic gardens by Igor Smirnov & Nikita Mergelov
Jan 2013: Building capacity through teaching essential skills by Laura Cohen and Leigh Morris
Jan 2013: Building capacity and facilitating networks for plant conservation: Kew’s on-going commitment by Pat Griggs and Colin Clubbe
Jan 2013: South-South cooperation for capacity building by Domitilla Raimondo, Miguel Avila Moraes & Gustavo Martinelli
Jan 2013: The role of botanic gardens in building capacity for plant conservation by Mariana Chavez and Suzanne Sharrock
Jan 2013: Achieving conservation in tropical countries: an integrated approach to capacity building by Gail R. Milder and Olga-Martha Montiel
Jan 2013: The University of Washington Botanic Garden and restoration ecology by Kern Ewing and Sarah Reichard