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Publication Year: 
Jul 2014: Integrated botanical information systems – the Australian Seed Bank Online by Dr.Lucy Sutherland
Jul 2014: Cultivating bits and bytes by Eduardo Dalcin
Jul 2014: The evolution of living collections management to support plant conservation by Andrew Wyatt and Rebecca Sucher
Jul 2014: “Chaperoned” managed relocation by Adam B. Smith, Matthew A. Albrecht and Abby Hird
Jul 2014: Using GIS to leverage plant collections data for conservation by Ericka Witcher and Michael Calonje
Jul 2014: Networking botanic gardens for conservation – the role of BGCI’s databases by Suzanne Sharrock and Abby Hird
Jul 2014: Cultivar conservation in the UK by Kalani Seymour and Sophie Leguil
Jan 2014: Nepal energy garden project: exploring energy gardens as a source for local fuel production by Jon Lovett
Jan 2014: Bioenergy day @UGA by Terry Marie Hastings
Jan 2014: Waste-to-energy: conserving plant genetic resources, improving livelihoods by David K. Nkwanga
Jan 2014: EnAlgae pilot at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden: a case study of bio-engineering work by Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley
Jan 2014: Bioenergy plant collection and research in the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden by Zeng-Fu Xu, Jianxiang Hu, Tianping Huang, and Jin Chen
Jan 2014: Hassan Biofuel Park – a concept for promotion of replenishable green energy by Balakrishna Gowda, K.T. Prasanna, G.C.Vijaya Kumar, C.Haleshi and K. Rajesh Kumar