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Publication Year: 
Jul 2012: Biomimetics – a possible new area for research and economic benefit for botanic gardens by Bob Ursem
Jul 2012: Reconciling sustainable use of plant resources with biodiversity conservation in Brazil by Miguel A. Moraes, Danielli Kutschenko, Tainan Messina, Roberto L. Romão, Arthur Sérgio Mouço Valente
Jul 2012: Wild plants for rural livelihoods by Sara Oldfield
Jul 2012: Ecological, productive and cultural values of cachichín (oecopetalum mexicanum): an edible wild fruit from Veracruz, Mexico by Maite Lascurain, Sergio Avendaño, Citlalli López, Juan Carlos López and Melissa Covarrubias
Jul 2012: Fairwild standard – best practice for sustainable use and trade of wild-collected plants by Anastasiya Timoshyna and Bryony Morgan
Jul 2012: People and plants in the Sultanate of Oman: Ethnobotany at Oman Botanic Garden by Dr Darach Lupton, Thuraiya Al Jabri, Abdulrahman Al Hinai, Saif Al Hatmi
Jan 2012: From freezing to the field—in vitro methods assisting plant conservation by Valerie Pence
Jan 2012: Exciting horticultural challenges at the Oman Botanic Garden by Ian Oliver, Khalid Al-Farsi, Abdullah Al-Hosni, Salim Al-Makmari, Sarah Kneebone
Jan 2012: Growing the social role of botanic gardens by BGCI
Jan 2012: Safeguarding Australia’s flora through the Australian Seed Bank Partnership by Lucy Sutherland
Jan 2012: The assisted migration debate – botanic gardens to the rescue? by Maria Hällfors, Elina Vaara & Susanna Lehvävirta
Jan 2012: Dreaming of sheep-eating plants by Matthew Jebb
Jan 2012: GeoCAT – an open source tool for rapid Red List assessments by Steven Bachman and Justin Moat
Jan 2012: Barcode Wales: DNA barcoding the nation's native flowering plants and conifers by Natasha de Vere
Jan 2012: Plants for the future – a future for our planet. by Marie-Stéphanie Samain and Eduardo Cires