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Zoo Horticulture Internship-Plumpton Park Zoological Gardens-Rising Sun, MD, USA

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Zoo Horticulture Internship

Horticulture Internships assist the zoo’s staff with managing the zoo grounds and browse gardens. In addition special projects can be arranged or designed to meet qualifications for school credit.

Plumpton Park Zoological Gardens is inviting applications from college or graduate students majoring in horticulture, agriculture, forestry, botany, or related field for internship positions starting immediately or for winter/spring/summer of 2012. These internship positions are unpaid over negotiable time periods to provide applicants with valuable horticultural experience in a zoological setting.Internships may require a minimum of 100 hours or more, with at least a weekly commitment of 10 hours per week for a semester.

Students that participate in this internship program will be exposed to providing care and management to the zoo’s grounds, trees, and will establish and maintain a browse garden with the help of zoo volunteers. Interns will maintain, develop, and design browse gardens in the zoo, manage our on-site compost, ornamental gardens, and plant life in exhibits. Interns may be asked to design plant installations for new or current exhibits that will tolerate low to high browsing by exhibit animals. Additionally, interns will be charged with preparing browse for our giraffe and other animals by sustainably harvesting from trees on the zoo’s grounds. Interns will develop knowledge about toxic plants and those suitable for consumption by animals in the zoo’s collection.

Horticulture Internships will focus on several areas within the zoo:
•       Ornamental and browse garden (for animal consumption) management
•       Turf management
•       Garden/exhibit design
•       Arboriculture
•       Landscaping
•       Tool & equipment operation and management
•       Propagation & greenhouse management
•       Plant pathology

To start a one, three, or six month internship with us, interested applicants should contact the volunteer coordinator, for details on how to apply for this position.
We are currently looking for Spring, Summer and Fall 2012 or Winter 2012-2013 Interns. We have flexible start and finish dates.

date: 17/01/2013

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