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Botanic garden information

Use the links below to find out all you need to know about botanic gardens.  If there's anything missing, just contact us!

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The history of botanic gardens

The role of botanic gardens

Botanic gardens and conservation

Botanical Illustration

Living collections



Commercial activity

Starting a botanic garden

Promoting a botanic garden

Information Management Systems



One of BGCI's major roles is as a publisher of guidance and policy information for and about plant conservation. Some of our publications are only available to members; others can be ordered or downloaded free from our website.


A CBD manual for botanic gardens

This manual is the second in a series of botanic garden guides produced by BGCI (see also CITES manuals). Many aspects of the Convention on Biological Diversity are relevant to the work of botanic gardens and this aims to 'de-mystify' and explain the framework.



Find Out More

The World Botanic Garden Exhibition (WBGE)
The World Botanic Garden Exhibition’s (WBGE) was completed on 9th June, 2008. The exhibition contains 70 individual exhibition panels with 70 stories highlighting world botanic gardens, institutions, and inviduals involved in plant conservation and research.

The Fairchild Challenge
The Fairchild Challenge allows botanic gardens and other like-minded organisations to engage schools and communities in meaningful environmental education.

Botanical Art Books
BGCI's aStore presents books grouped by theme, in this case you can browse books on Botanical Art - all in one place. Not only that, but all your purchases generate income for BGCI, so we can continue to support vital plant conservation efforts in the world's botanic gardens.