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Specimens from a herbariumIn botany, a herbarium is a collection of preserved plant specimens. These specimens may be whole plants or plant parts: these will usually be in a dried form, mounted on a sheet, but depending upon the material may also be kept in alcohol or other preservative. The same term is often used in mycology to describe an equivalent collection of preserved fungi.

The term can also refer to the building where the specimens are stored, or the scientific institute that not only stores but researches these specimens. The specimens in a herbarium are often used as reference material in describing plant taxa; some specimens may be types.

Curation and Tracking

Botanic gardens that develop a policy on the CBD face the challenge of bringing their procedures in line with these new commitments. This includes the handling of herbarium material.



Find Out More

vPlants is a virtual herbarium for the Chicago region in the US. Currently the site contains data for 72,000 plant specimens from three institutions with rich Chicago Region collections: the Field Museum of Natural History, The Morton Arboretum, and the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Artist's Virtual Herbarium
The Artist's Herbarium at is a different kind of herbarium. Instead of being comprised of sheets of dried pressed specimens, the Artist's Herbarium is comprised of detailed color photographs of plants representing several different plant families.

Neotropical Herbarium Specimens
This site is an aid to the general identification of dried specimens of Neotropical plants. It will be most useful to professional biologists and others doing species inventories of natural areas, ecology, and ethnobotany. It's a desktop reference set of high-quality images of herbarium material.

Bauble Botanical Collection Management
Bauble is a software application to help you (yes you) manage a collection of botanical specimens. It is intended to be used by botanic gardens, herbaria, arboreta, etc. to manage their collection information. It is a open, free, cross-platform alternative to BG-Base and similiar software.

Herbarium Information on Wikipedia
You can read about the definition of a herbarium, as well as contribute to it and add links and pictures, on this shared internet-based encyclopedia.

Starting a Herbarium
This website is for 'amateur scientists', with lots of info on how to do science with ordinary, simple materials, but to a high standard. In this page, you can find out how to collect and store plants and it's useful to anyone who wants to start a new herbarium.


Related News

10 November 2004
This stunning book of photographs by Robyn Stacey, one of Australia's greatest photographers, is the first of its kind. Together with essayist, Ashley Hay, they throw open the closed doors of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney herbarium, and reveal the secret history of Australia's flora.
The Herbarium Handbook
This is a standard reference for all botanists, herbarium managers and technicians involved with the making and maintenance of herbarium collections. It's published by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.