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It is a fact that many threatened plants are more abundant in people's gardens than in their wild habitats, and often they are cultivated far from their country of origin. So gardeners everywhere have an extremely important role to play, both in preserving and cultivating endangered plants, and in preventing the spread of alien species in vulnerable new habitats. Gardeners can also collect and share information on how to preserve plants and on climate change - there are several projects that anyone can get involved in.

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Urban Farming
Around a sixth of the world's population both live in a city and grow their own food. This fun and lively, colourful website investigates how people are growing food in urban areas and provides information on how food is produced.

Growing Plants - Interactive Encyclopaedia Software
This is a fully interactive and easy-to-use plant database software with information on growing over 20,000 plants plus 15,000 stunning plant pictures. A great resource for gardeners, professionals & students, you can manage your own plant list and keep records on your methods and success.

Plants for a Future
Plants For A Future is a resource centre for rare and unusual plants, particularly those which have edible, medicinal or other uses. We practise vegan-organic permaculture with emphasis on creating an ecologically sustainable environment based largely on perennial plants.

Dave's Garden
Dave's Garden is a website where friends share their triumphs and dilemmas in their gardens and their lives. DG is also a place for gardeners to share seeds or plants with other gardeners. We also specialize in sharing information for the benefit of other gardeners.

Thrive - Using Gardening to Change Lives
Gardening can help anyone with a disability. Through its research, education and promotional activities Thrive aims to show how, why and where people with a disability can benefit.

Plantlife International's Information on Non-native invasive plants
This site has a good explanation of invasive species and the problems they cause, and has examples of legislation that tackles this problem, and some problem species, mainly from the UK.

Garden Messenger
GardenMessenger is an online community of gardeners from all over the world, who communicate with one another through the Internet, sharing information, ideas and tips freely with one another in a spirit of friendship and goodwill. We welcome everyone from beginners to specialist experts.

Pondmessenger Blog about Aquatic Plants
This blog, written by 'a semi-retired UK botanical garden curator' reviews the latest products, plants, fish and innovations in water gardening.

Piper aduncum The Great Plant Invader!
This website contains information on the spread, distribution and effects of the shrub Piper aduncum in Papua New Guinea and other Pacific and SE Asian countries. Piper aduncum is native in South and Central America but has been imported in SE Asia in the 19th century.

Gardening in the Global Greenhouse
The RHS is carrying out research and providing information on how climate change is affecting UK gardens, altering the botanical make-up of Britain and what we can do to mitigate and reduce the fast-moving changes that are imapcting negatively on wildlife and gardens. This website is very useful.

Climate Change in Your Garden - A UK Phenology Project
SInce 1998, thousands of people across the UK have been helping to record the timing of natural events, such as the first leaf unfolding on a particular tree, or the first sight of a favourite bird in the spring. These records are helping scientists see how climate change is affecting nature now.

The site for information about plants native to southern Africa and related topics. A very rich site, with comprehensive databases on south African plants, their uses, how to grow them, with images, ecology, distribution, in fact everything you could want to know.

Plantlife - The Wild Plant Conservation Charity
Plantlife is the only charity working solely to protect Britain’s wild flowers and plants, fungi and lichens, and the habitats in which they are found. There are many great ways for everyone to get involved in plant conservation on their website. Click the link to find out more.

Botanical Guardians at the Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance
GPCA is creating a network of volunteers from throughout the state of Georgia to help locate lost rare plant populations, monitor known locations of endangered habitats, and serve as stewards for the 21 rare habitats under powerline right-of-ways.

Bonsai Mania
El portal dedicado al arte del bonsai que te ayuda a cultivar y cuidar tu bonsai a través de nuestros consejos y fichas, la revista gratuita Info Bonsai o nuestro foro de aficionados al bonsai. En definitiva, encontrarás todo lo que necesitas para disfrutar de tu bonsai.

Scented Shrubs
Great value, top quality, scented plants delivered direct to your garden anywhere in mainland Britain from our nursery in West Sussex

The Royal Horticultural Society
Established in 1804, the Royal Horticultural Society is dedicated to advancing horticulture and promoting good gardening. Their goal is to help people share a passion for plants, to encourage excellence in horticulture and inspire all those with an interest in gardening.

Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties: The Gardener's and Farmers Guide to Plant Breeding and Seed Saving
This book is a great read for anybody who might have an interest in plant breeding. The author starts off at a relatively basic level and explains using practical examples how plant breeding is performed using a number of well-established techniques and processes. It is highly informative.
The Ultimate Guide to Growing Successfully from Seed
Jekka McVicar shows you how to grow seeds successfully. Suitable for gardeners at all levels.