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Gardens, Landscapes and Societies in the Indian ocean

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September 29 - October 1

Saint-Denis, Réunion

Second Indian Ocean Heritage Conference

 In 1994, the Maison française du meuble créole organized a conference under the title ‘Gardens, spatial organization and landscape construction’, and the first Indian Ocean Heritage conference in 2011 reinforced the idea that ‘around the perimeter of the Indian Ocean there are many echoing correspondences in terms of architecture and town-planning’.

In 2014, in the forthcoming second Indian Ocean Heritage Conference, this line of enquiry will be pursued, looking at gardens and landscapes and examining the correspondences and ways of living in territories by societies that are both related and different, but all witnessing considerable change. The conference will be an opportunity to question these societies from the points of view of transmission and creation.

  • The conference will seek to achieve a fair balance of papers from around the geographical zone of the Indian Ocean, with the three following objectives:
  • An overview of policies on gardens and the landscape question in the regional context where territories and societies are undergoing rapid change,
  • Establishing a network of botanical gardens around the Indian Ocean.

The conference is organized by the Direction des affaires culturelles – Océan indien, l’Institut national du patrimoine, Rectorat de l’académie de La Réunion and l’École supérieure d’architecture de Montpellier, antenne du Port (Réunion)

With the support of the Conseil Régional de La Réunion and the CNFPT

Further information is available here (in French) and here (in English)


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