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International Rhododendron Species Conservation Conference

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20-21 April 2013

Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh [RBGE], the Rhododendron Species Conservation Group [RSCG] and Botanic Gardens Conservation International [BGCI] are jointly hosting a two-day Conference with key-note speakers from around the world on Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st April, 2013, in the Lecture Theatre of the RBGE, to discuss the contents and impact of ‘The Red List of Rhododendrons’, published last year, and the Conference will work towards answering the question: Where do we go from here in terms of conservation priorities and actions?  

The first day of the conference is entitled, Setting the Scene, and major contributors to ‘The Red List of Rhododendrons’ will explain the key aspects encompassed in the publication and also provide a wider view of the issues involved.  The opportunity will be taken to visit the RBGE plantings and discuss in a practical way some of the issues related to plants that are threatened, vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered. 

On the second day of the conference the morning session is entitled, A Perspective from the Wild on Rhododendron Conservation, when speakers from China, India and Indonesia will give presentations outlining their views on the ‘in-situ’ position on conservation of Rhododendrons and Vireyas.  In contrast, this will be followed by a session entitled, An Ex-situ Perspective of Rhododendrons in Cultivation, when speakers from North America, Hawaii, Europe and Britain will cover the conservation work being taken forward in Botanic Gardens, Public Gardens, Private Gardens, Nurseries, and by Conservation organisations covering North America, Hawaii, Mainland Europe and Britain.  Based on the discussions over the past two days, in the final session of the Conference, The Way Forward, a panel will outline the priority issues that need to be addressed and suggest a plan of action to take these objectives forward.

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