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Climate Chaos: Emerging Consequences of Climate Change

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


9 a.m. to 4 p.m

Global warming has implications far beyond the temperature of the air. Our best scientific research reveals truly important changes in the foundation of the ocean's food web, the persistence of plants and animals on land, and in the spread of human disease. These alterations raise profound moral and ethical questions; the human role within nature and our responsibilities to nature are under consideration as never before. Come hear nationally recognized experts discuss crucial climate questions that seldom reach the pages of our magazines and TV screens.

Address the Impacts of Climate Change on Wild Plants


Climate Change and Plant Conservation

Climate change is already happening and is predicted to get much worse. This page outlines the effects that climate change may have on plant communities, and thus the threats to the well-being of human societies that depend on them.


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Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Climate Change - Is Time Running Out?
In writing that is both clear and unbiased, Kolbert - an acclaimed New Yorker journalist - approaches global warming from every angle. This book explores the world and how it is already changing. It then asks what, if anything, can be done, and how we can save our planet.