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Eurogard V: Botanic Gardens in the Age of Climate Change

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June 8-12 2009

Helsinki, Finland

Welcome to Eurogard VWe invite researchers, students, decision makers, authorities, non-governmental organisations and botanic garden staff to EuroGard V. The congress covers topics crucial for the conservation of plant diversity and other tasks of botanic gardens in a world with a changing climate. The focus is on the theoretical base and best practise examples for ex situ collections as a conservation tool.

This congress is part of a series of European Botanic Gardens Congresses or EuroGards which aim to strengthen the capacity and collaboration among European botanic gardens as well as deepen their role in the society at large. EuroGard is organised every three years by the European Botanic Gardens Consortium and the hosting institution with support from Botanic Gardens Conservation International. EuroGard V is hosted by the Botanic Garden of the University of Helsinki.

The Congress will be held in Helsinki , the green and lively Capital of Finland situated on the coast of the Gulf of Finland . Helsinki offers a rich variety of experiences from the cultural centre to the archipelago and the surrounding nature.

As a programme highpoint, a new Botanic Garden will be inaugurated during the congress. The six-hectare Kumpula Garden is an additional collection area of Helsinki University Botanic Garden. It includes rich geographically organised plantings composed of wild-collected plants only, which makes it globally unique and highly valuable scientifically.


The aim of EuroGard V is to bring together scientific and applied expertise in order to build bridges between:

  • biological theory and ex situ (off-site) conservation of plants
  • ex situ and in situ (on-site) conservation of plants
  • the horticultural expertise of botanic gardens and ex situ conservation
  • all European botanic gardens in order to strengthen their capacity and efficiency
  • botanic gardens and other research institutions
  • botanic gardens and other conservation actors
  • botanic gardens and decision-makers and the general public

By building these bridges we hope to share and increase knowledge for developing visions about future research and strategies to continue the multifaceted work started under the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.

The practical targets include contributing to the European and Global Strategies for Plant Conservation as well as taking the initiative of creating a network of ex situ and in situ conservation sites and actors to function together to slow down biodiversity loss. This network would also allow for international comparative research on reintroductions, population genetics of cultivated taxa, conservation prioritisation and phenological changes related to climate change. 

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