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CITES and Livelihoods Workshop

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5-7 September 2006

South Africa





The CITES & Livelihoods workshop will take place on 5-7 September 2006 at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, Cape Town South Africa. The purpose of the meeting is to identify practical measures that will allow Parties to better address livelihood issues in the course of regulating the international trade in wild species. The workshop was prompted by an amendment, passed in 2004, to CITES Resolution Conf 8.3. This recognizes that the implementation of CITES-listing decisions should take into account potential impacts on the livelihoods of the poor.

Over 20 Parties are currently registered for the workshop. The workshop is being organised by a Steering Group made up representatives of Argentina, Germany, Ghana, Namibia, South Africa, Botanic Gardens Conservation International, CRIAA SA-DC (Namibia), Fauna & Flora International, International Institute for Environment and Development, IUCN, TRAFFIC International, UNEP-WCMC and WWF International. For more details, please contact

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