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Case Studies

Across the world botanic gardens have been thinking up simple, practical and imaginative ways of fulfilling their obligations under the CBD. We can learn from each other and share ideas by producing case studies outlining how botanic gardens have met the challenge.

Commercialisationworking order beds

Plant Sales

Botanic Gardens Policies on the CBD

Benefit Sharing

Curation and Tracking Use

Material Transfer Agreements


We need your help! We need MORE CASE STUDIES! Please send your case studies for publication on this site to

They should include a short description (300-500 words) plus photo/s, relevant web links, etc of any of your institution's CBD-friendly actions on any of the above topics.

ABS information and tools targeted towards botanic gardens and academic researchers

Botanic gardens are ideal centres for the storage, propagation and distribution of plant genetic material. But what are plant genetic resources and why do we need to preserve them? Exploring these websites will give you an insight.


The Ex Situ Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources (Hawkes et al, 2000)
Valuable reading for professional plant conservationists and postgraduate students of plant genetics, conservation and cell biology.