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Roots 14 - Habitats

Number 14 - August 1997

Roots 14 focuses on the topic 'Habitats'.  It is available to download as a PDF - although this is rather large (17.6MB).  To help, we have split it up into articles.  All you have to do is select the article you want and click on the title to access the PDF of just that article.

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Trails into the interior PDF 0.8MB
Andrew Guthrie, QEII Botanic Park, Cayman Islands 

Todos los ecosistemas en un solo jardin PDF 1.2MB
Fernando Saiz-Alcantara, Jardin Botanico de la Bahia de Cadiz, Spain

Wildlife in Paris PDF 0.7MB
Genevieve Beraud, Jardin Naturel, France

Science exploration map PDF 0.3MB
Bottle biology University of Wisconsin, Madison USA 

Sustainable human habitats in South Africa PDF 1.3MB
Paul Cohen, Tlholego Development Project, South Africa

Ultimate treehouses PDF 0.8MB
Monica Buntin Myhill, The Dallas Arboretum, USA

Weeds go wild in the botanic garden PDF 1.1MB
Steve Meredith, Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, Australia

Greening the urban habitat
Julia Willison BGCI PDF 0.9MB

Rescue of endangered plants
Loic Ruellan, Animateur, Conservatoire Botanique de Brest, France PDF 1.2MB