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Proceedings of the Fourth Global Botanic Gardens Congress


Attendees of the Fourth Botanic Gardens Congress 


A great success

The Fourth Global Botanic Gardens Congress 'Addressing global change – a new agenda for botanic gardens' was held at the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland near Dublin from 13 June to 18 June 2010. The congress was a great success with over 370 delegates attending, representing 53 countries.

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There were 13 plenary addresses, 27 parallel sessions (of which 12 were organised symposia on special topics), 136 talks and 3 panel discussions. You can see a summary of talks and authors here.  Feedback was provided at the end of every session - this was divided into three themes: strategies and targets; conservation action; and engaging with society . A conclusions session on the last day of the congress lead to a conclusions presentation.

During the Congress there were calls to establish:

  1. A Botanic gardens cycad collections consortium (as part of IUCN SSC)
  2. A European network of botanic gardens working with cryptogams
  3. An Oceanic Island Plant Network –  see the Island Statement and further details

Papers from the proceedings

(Note: The opinions expressed in the papers are those of the author(s) and they do not necessarily reflect those of BGCI. The papers have not been peer reviewed.)

The original website for the congress (which is no-longer being maintained) contains additional information.