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10 steps to successful sponsorship for botanic gardens

Sponsorship is a viable funding possibility for botanic gardens, zoos and aquariums, which has rarely been fully exploited in the UK. 

We've received this great resource from Cultivate subscriber, John Regan. 

10 steps to successful sponsorship for botanic gardens, natural history sites and similar institutions in the UK

The paper is a discussion of 10 distinct pieces of thinking required by the successful sponsorship seeker. 

Step 1: Define your terms

Step 2: Create a team that understands and is supportive of the sponsorship initiative

Step 3: Carry out a thoroughgoing audit of all you have to offer

Step 4: Where do you find a sponsor? Where do you find out information about sponsors?

Step 5:  Making contacts

Step 6:  The proposal

Step 7:  Pricing: the most difficult part of the process

Step 8:  Negotiating: what to expect from the dialogue and what you need from it.

Step 9:  Servicing: under promise and over deliver

Step 10: Renewal and referral

Take a look and explore the ways sponsorship might work for your organisation! 

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