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Conserving Plant Diversity

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Allenstein, Pamela, American Public Gardens Association, USA
PlantCollectionsTM: linking national and international living plant databases

Angus, Hugh, The National Arboreta, UK
Developing an ex situ conifer collection

Aplin, David, National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Belgium
The use of barcoding beyond the supermarket

Ashmore, Sarah, Griffith University, Australia
Conservation of recalcitrant-seeded species

Balbach, Harold, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (USA-ERDC), USA
Strategy for in situ conservation of at-risk and declining sandhills species

Costa, Maria Lúcia Nova da , Brazilian Botanic Gardens Network, Brazil
Implementing a plant record system for Brazilian botanic gardens

Cowell, Carly, South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), South Africa
Restoration protocols for Fynbos species

Dorofeyeva, Lyudmila, Botanical garden RAS Ural Div, Russia
Problems of scientific coordination in the development of the system of Russian botanical gardens

Gibbs, Douglas, BGCI, UK
What, where and how to conserve plants: a preparatory project

Havens, Kayri, Chicago Botanic Garden, USA
Chicago Botanic Garden’s conservation and outreach efforts on climate change

He, Shanan, Nanjing Botanic Garden Mem. Sun Yat-Sen, China
A discussion on the dynamics of living collections

Hotka, Peter , Arboretum Mlynany SAS, Slovakia
General knowledge of Chinese woody plant introduction in the Arboretum Mlynany SAS

Hyvarinen, Marko, University of Oulu Botanical Garden, Finland
Ex situ conservation of threatened seashore plants - time out for populations hit by global change

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Ke Loc, Phan, Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, Hanoi, Vietnam
Conserving Vietnamese conifers

Kiehn, Michael, University of Vienna, Austria
The Austrian Botanic Gardens Working Group

Krohmner, Julia, Institute for Ecology, Evolution & Diversity, University of Frankfurt, Germany
Village Botanic gardens as a tool for preserving plant diversity and indigenous knowledge on a local scale in Benin and Burkina Faso

Lanata , Francesca, Kisantu Botanic Garden, DR Congo
The challenge of the rehabilitation of a garden in a country in search of stability and good governance

Lane, Annie, Bioversity International, Rome, Italy
Climate change and conservation of crop wild relatives

Leiva Sánchez, Angela T., Jardín Botánico Nacional, Universidad de La Habana, Cuba
Conservation of Cuban Palms

Li, Xiadong, Wuhan Botanical Garden, China

Distribution and conservation strategy of eight threatened gymnosperm species in China

Liu, Yifei, Wuhan Botanical Garden, CAS, China
Conservation and restoration of the plants in the Three Gorges Reservoir - a case study from Myricaria laxiflora

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Maloupa, Eleni, Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia , Greece
In situ conservation of the Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia, Greece

Mellichamp, Larry, University of North Carolina at Charlotte , USA
Why conserve Sarracenia pitcher plants

Membrives, Nuria, Marimurtra Botanical Garden , Spain
Securing the flora of Catalonia

Mougal, James, Seychelles National Botanical Garden, Seychelles
Reintroduction of Impatiens gordonii in the Seychelles

Müller, Jonas, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK
The European Native Seed Conservation Network – progress towards target 8 of the GSPC

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Nicholson, Mark, Plants for Life International, Kenya
Experiences with developing a botanic garden in the uplands of Kenya

Oliver, Ian, Karoo Desert National Botanical Garden, South Africa
SANBI - threatened plants programmes and the plight of Ghaap Hoodia gordonii (Masson) Sweet ex Decne. in the wild

Omar, Samira, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait
In situ and ex situ conservation of genetic diversity of desert plants of Kuwait

Persoon, Hans, University Botanical Gardens, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Atlantis-BG a standard for comprehensive, web-based collection management

Richard, Philippe, Bordeaux, France
Building a new garden today: a non-conventional way to communicate about plants

Rudge, Jonathan, Plantlife International, UK
Important Plant Areas: the challenge of climate change

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Sampaio Perreira, Tania, Rio de Janeiro Botanic Garden, Brazil
Conservation action plan for the Brazilwood, Caesalpinia echinata, in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

Sanchez Martinez, Emiliano, Jardín Botánico Regional de Cadereyta, Mexico
Conservation of endangered species: action of Querétaro Botanic Garden

Seeni, Sooriamuthu, Tropical Botanic Garden & Research Institute, India
In vitro multiplication and restoration of selected RET plants of India

Skridaila, Audrius, Botanical Garden of Vilnius University, Lithuania
Research of Taxus baccata L. genetic diversity in three Baltic countries - part of a regeneration programme of disappeared native species in Lithuania

Smith, Paul, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK
The importance of seed banks in a changing climate

Smith , Paul, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK
The MSB Project: Progress towards the GSPC Target 8 worldwide

Spalton, Andrew, Diwan of Royal Court , Oman
The Oman Botanic Garden – an iconic new garden for the Arabian Peninsula

Srinivasan, Ganeshan, Tropical Botanic Garden & Research Institute, India
Plant genetic resources conservation - Integrated strategies

Stanning, Julian, Consultant, Kenya
Trees 2000 - a project to restore indigenous tree plantings in Kenya

Sun, Weibang, Kunming Institute of Botany, China
Conservation of Magnoliaceae in China: The five flagship speciesin Yunnan of SW China

Sun, Wei-Bang, Kunming Institute of Botany, China
Characteristics of Tithonia diversifolia: an alien invasive plant in Yunnan, SW China

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Tamm, Heiki, Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu , Estonia
Conservation of Estonian flora

Tan, Yong, Turpan Desert Botanic Garden, China
Conservation and use of Calligonum for the stability of desert ecosystems

Tan, Bian, BGCI , Singapore
South East Asia Botanic Gardens (SEABG)

Twine, Monique, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, South Africa
Case study of threatened lowland

Villamil, Carlos B., Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina
Grassland restoration in the southern Pampas

Wijesundara, Siril, Royal Botanic Gardens, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Botanic Gardens in Sri Lanka past, present and future

Wyse Jackson, Diane, BGCI, UK
BGCI’s global living collections database

Ye, Qi-gang , Wuhan Botanical Garden, China
Propagation of endangered fern Adiantum reniforme var. sinense endemic to the Three-Gorge Area for conservation

Zhang , Qingsong, Lushan Botanical Garden, China
The introduction of Lushan Botanical Garden

Zhong, Tailin, Botany Garden of Zhejiang Forestry College, China
The theory and practice of the eco-botany garden of the Zhejiang Forestry College

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