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Understanding and Documenting Plant Diversity

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Aplin, David, National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Belgium
Indices seminum: are they really worth the effort?

Bardin, Philippe, Conservatoire Botanique du Basin Parisien, France
The network of Conservatoires Botaniques Nationaux in France and the implementation of the GSPC

Clubbe, Colin, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK
Travelling training courses: Uganda and Montserrat

Forbes, Stephen, Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, Australia
How botanic gardens change the world – institutional arrangements & policy influence in plant conservation

Galbraith, David, Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Canada
Importance of the International Agenda

Gibbs, Douglas, BGCI, UK
Using the International Agenda: a global overview

Griffiths, Alistair, Eden Project, UK
Eden Project, facilitating change

Hawker, Jeremy, Christchurch, New Zealand
Public consultation process for Christchurch Botanic Garden

He, Tianhua, Curtin University of Technology, Australia
A molecular assessment of the key biological processes of dispersal and mating in banksias: implications for conservation

Hernández Bermejo, Esteban, IMGEMA-Jardín Botánico de Córdoba, Spain
The GSPC implementation in Spain: first steps towards a National Plant Conservation Strategy in Spain

Hu, Yonghong, Shanghai botanic gardens, China
The botanic garden and ecological city - Case study of Shanghai botanic gardens

Jiao, Genlin, Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, China
Conservation planning: Chinese Magnolias at the Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden

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Ma, Jinshuang, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, USA
Review of the Chinese local and national Floras

McAuliffe, Joseph, Desert Botanical Garden, USA
Scientific value of herbarium vouchers of living collections

McDonald, Edel, National Botanic Gardens of Ireland, Ireland
Managing health and safety at the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland

Oteng-Yeboah, Alfred, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Accra,, Ghana
Ghanaian needs assessment: criteria and findings

Parker, John, Cambridge University Botanic Garden, UK
Teaching and research: how university botanic gardens address conservation

Patzelt, Annette, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Status of in situ and ex situ plant conservation in the Sultanate of Oman, Southern Arabia

Peralta, Iris, Jardin Botánico Chacras de Coria –UNCu, Argentina
Conservation of Tomato and its wild relatives

Rae, David, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK
Landscape assessment and development plans

Rammeloo, Jan, National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Belgium
Are botanic gardens doing enough for conservation in Europe?

Romanov, Mikhail, Main Botanical Garden of RAS, Moscow, Russia
Reproductive biology studies - the way of understanding plant diversity

Sánchez, Marcela, Institute of Biological Resources, Argentina
The Action Plan for Botanic Gardens in Argentina

Schulman, Leif, Helsinki University Botanic Garden, Finland
Botanical Collecting Effort in Amazonia

Strid, Arne, Göteborg Botanical Garden, Sweden
Lost and found in the Greek flora

Suzuki, Mitsuo, Botanical Gardens, Tohoku University, Japan
The present condition of plant conservation by Japanese botanical gardens and their provisions for the 2010 Target

Tan, Kit, Institute of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
The endemic flora of Greece

Tieu, Anle, BGCI, Singapore
BGCI China Programme – training workshops and staff exchanges

Upson, Tim, Cambridge University Botanic Garden, UK
What to grow? redefining the glasshouse collections at Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Willis, Chris, South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), South Africa
From NBI to SANBI: the biodiversity challenge

Zhang, Deshun, Shanghai Institute of Landscape Architecture, China
The conservation status and conservation strategy of Picea neoveitchii

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