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Role of Botanic Gardens

Botanic gardens have had a changing role throughout history, beginning often as medicinal gardens for the study and cultivation of plants with healing properties and going through many phases including of course as pleasure gardens. But the fact that their collections are more or less scientific, means they are continually adapting and serving the needs of their societies in evolving ways as new challenges face those societies.

In current times, they are becoming key players in both the conservation of plants and in the education of the people who come to see them.  They are also starting to play a role in the mitigation of the effects of climate change, and could be absolutely vital to the survival of the planet as they are perfectly placed to help move species around and help ecosystems to adapt to new climates in different regions.

Botanic Gardens: A Tribute to the Role of Beauty in Conservation of our Plant Heritage


The Role of Botanic Gardens in Plant Conservation

Botanic gardens play a key role in the conservation of the world's plant diversity and the education of people in environmental issues. BGCI facilitates this work through delivering publications, workshops, congresses, support and guidance. Together we are making plants, and thus life, more secure.


The Role of Botanic Gardens in the Dissemination of Ethnobotanical Knowledge in Kenya



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International Agenda for Botanic Gardens in Conservation
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"Education for Sustainable Development: Guidelines for Action in Botanic Gardens"
BGCI has published Guidelines on Education for Sustainable Development. Suitable for those working in botanic gardens and other site-based education centres, it features tips and case studies from botanic gardens around the world. The Guidelines are freely available to all in PDF and printed format.