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Commercial Activity

Botanic gardens can generate income in a wide variety of ways and one of these is by selling goods and or food in a shop. If your garden is promoting a sustainability or conservation message, its important you carry that through in the shop which may be the final stop on a visitor's tour of the gardens.

Some guidelines include:

  • Food could be locally produced and/or organic - you may be able to sell food or herbs that are grown in the gardens
  • You could sell plants and goods made from materials grown in the gardens or by the local community
  • Sell recycled products - you might even be able to sell compost produced on site
  • Keep packaging and disposable items down as much as possible. There are so many biodegradable alternatives to plastic now, there is no excuse to avoid them. You can even use cutlery made from potatoes.
  • Provide recycling facilities and show how you recycle the products - you amy even be able to show that for example, food waste is put into the garden compost, and used on-site
  • If you sell garden products, stick to eco-friendly items such as peat-free compost, and you could offer bird boxes or other products designed to encourage wildlife

Please contact BGCI if you have any queries about enhancing your botanic gardens shop.

Below are some case studies and further information: