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International Certificate in Botanic Garden Management in the Asia Pacific Region

29 March 2010
Capacity building within botanic gardens is undeniably important, especially that which is based on knowledge transfer between botanic gardens.  For 15 days, BGCI staff teamed up with staff from the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, the Botanic Gardens Trust Sydney, the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide and the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh to deliver the first International Certificate in Botanic Garden Management in the Asia Pacific Region. The course was attended by 14 horticulturists and botanists from gardens across Asia ranging from Brunei, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and India.

The course was hosted by Singapore Botanic Gardens and comprised eight learning modules covering topics such as collection policies, plant record systems, horticulture, masterplanning, education and ex situ conservation. Participants had field trips to sites in the Gardens and elsewhere in Singapore and also undertook a project related to an aspect of the course that was of value to their home garden.

This inaugural course aimed to provide a practical program relevant to the resources of the various countries and gardens, but within the context of how global botanic gardens are approaching key issues such as plant conservation, climate change, community education and collections management. Resources permitting, the organising partners hope to conduct the course again as it was a great success.Get in touch with us if you would like further information.
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