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Fairchild Challenge BGCI Global Option Top 10 finalists announced!

The Top 10 finalists of our Fairchild Challenge BGCI Global Option have been announced! Click on the images below to see them in full.  Click on the name to read the artists' accompanying text.

From this ten, the top five will be announced in April.  The winner will be announced on May 18th - Plant Conservation Day!

Annabel Cerda

Arielle Benayoun
 Annabel Cerda
 Arielle Benayoun
 Erica HagenFariha Wajid 
Erica Hagan
 Fariha Wajid
 Hannah Park Jose Garcia
 Hannah Park
Jose Garcia
 Nathan MillerQuentin coffey 
 Nathan Miller
Quentin Coffey
 Shuyi SunYollanda Collazo 
 Shuyi Sun
Yolanda Collazo