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11- 18 Year olds

Encounters with Naturalists

Many botanic garden education programs are no doubt a little like ours – a relatively small budget, minimal staff, but lots of ideas waiting for a chance to be converted into reality. One way to get around these frustrating roadblocks is to piggyback onto the large number of local and national events and celebrations that fill our calendars. Such opportunities not only provide smaller gardens with ready made community, government and corporate partners but they can also provide a supportive infrastructure for outreach community programs that are normally beyond the limited resources of most gardens.

Eco-clubs in the Foothills of the Forest

During 1996-97, Eco-clubs were created in 20 schools in three districts (Karur, Trichy and Dindugal) of Tamil Nadu in India. The official launch of the Clubs began with a Green Peace Walk, a 9km walk with 1000 children from 20 schools in collaboration with the Environmental Directorate, Forest Department and a local college to create awareness against forest clearing and biodiversity conservation. The idea behind the establishment of Eco-Clubs is to involve school children in the long-term conservation of forest resources and to create green consciousness.